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  Committees at ISGH

All the available Committees at ISGH

Committees are made up of volunteer or paid members of the community. Each committee is tasked with certain responsibilities that all the committee members abide by.

Here are all the available Committees at ISGH,

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    Communications Committee

    2 member(s)

    • Send out letters to the community

    • Make announcements at the Masjid

    • Make phone calls to the community on behlaf of the Masjid Council

    • Maintain ISGH website

    • Maintain ISGH Facebook account

    • Maintain member's email addresses

    • Maintain member's phone numbers

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    Interfaith and Dawah Committee

    2 member(s)

    • Invite people from other faith

    • Convey to them the proper message of Islam

    • Clarify their concerns and questions regarding Islam/Muslims

    • Attend interfaith programs around Central PA when invited

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    Funeral Committee

    3 member(s)

    • Arrange for burial

    • Arrange for Salat-ul-Janazah

    • Communicate the news to the community

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    Food Committee

    2 member(s)

    • Arrange for food for Masjid events that involve food

    • Coordinate with the community if food is served by the community

    • Make pre-arrangements before the food arrives

    • Make sure the food is handled responsibly during the events

    • Make post-arrangements so the kitchen and the serving areas are clean after the event

    • Settle any payments related to food vendors

    • Work with food vendors to get the best rate possible

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    Religious, Educational, & Social Events Committee

    1 member(s)

    • Organize religious programs/events

    • Organize educational programs/events

    • Organize social programs/events

    • Present the message to the community

    • Formally invite speakers who visit ISGH

    • Minute by minute event agends

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    9 member(s)

    • Primarily responsible for running the day to day operations of the Masjid

    • To accommodate the community and help them better connect with the Masjid

    • Provide useful programs and services to the community for them to benefit out of

    • Keep track of Masjid income and expenses and report it fairly and openly to the community

    • Up keep the Masjid infratstructure and provide maintenance when needed